Spreken – Meetup !

Nederlands spreken in informele situaties / Speaking Dutch in an informal setting
Great initiatives of Dutch NT2 colleagues

In the beginning of the evening you’ll receive a sticker ‘language you speak – language you’d like to practice’ . Then: find a match!
Speak Dutch to Dutchies and other expats – very informal atmosphere  – sometimes bit noisy – any language / nationality Language café Amsterdam

Wonderful idea for anyone (from level A2 on) to practice Dutch with a native Amsterdammer: after intake, ‘Samenspraak’ will try to find you a match. You will meet on a regular (weekly) basis and speak 1-to-1 about …. (whatever).

Samenspraak – Amsterdam Centrum Samenspraak – Amsterdam Oost

Annelies Braams [Nedles] started the Dutch singing in Amsterdam. Every month you can join Dutch & non-Dutch singers. You’ll find lyrics and music on the ‘Dutch Sing Along’ website:

Dutch sing-along” in een café

Then: Paradiso followed Annelies’ idea: ‘Zing Nederlands met me’ in Paradiso – Nederlands zingen or Paradiso

Dutch meetup – Algemeen Dutch meetup Amsterdam

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